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Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point

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I have created my very own presets! 

So many of you ask me how I edit my pictures & now I'm so excited that I can share these with you! 

    Directions on how to download: 

    *Before downloading the presets, make sure you have the FREE Lightoom Mobile app downloaded on your phone! 

    Once you have purchased my presets, an email will be sent to you with a link for you to click to download the presets. Click the link to get started downloading these presets! 

    *It's best if you open this email & click the link on your phone!

    Once the downloads are complete, you can click on them and the zip file will open up in your "files" Please be sure your iCloud Drive is on! It will be sent to your files on your phone! 

    Once the image is saved, you will then need to open up your Lightroom Mobile app. Once in the Lightroom app, you will need to add the photo you saved into your photo library into your Lightroom app. You can do this by clicking on the BLANK (it'll show up black, that's okay!) DNG file. Click the check mark in the right hand corner to add the photo to your Lightroom library. 

    Next, go to your Lightroom Library and look for the photo of me. 

    Once saved, you will then have to be sure to save the PRESET. To do this you will need to click the three dots in the top right corner. Then click "Create Preset." 

    Where it says "Untitled Preset" you can go ahead and name your new preset! This specific preset is called Lighthouse Point. It will be saved under "User Presets." It might be easier for you to create a new preset group for the ones you're going to use most!


    For any photo you want to apply my presets to:

    Add that photo to your Lightroom photo library, click "Presets" on the bottom, and select the preset you'd like to apply to the photo! Remember, the preset that you just created may be saved under "User Presets" if you can't find it at first! 

    Voila! You can now use my "Lighthouse Point" Preset on any of your photos! 

    Don't forget to tag me (@simplylaurenrose) and use the hashtag #SLRpresets in any photos you use with my presets! 

    If you have ANY questions about anything, please email and I will get back to you ASAP!